About Us

About Us

Our History

Byerly Aviation opened its hanger doors back in the 1930’s under the operation of Millard Byerly. Over the decades Byerly Aviation has kept flying high with their dedication and commitment to a quality customer experience. In the humble beginnings Byerly had little more than the love of aviation and barn turned hanger. Today Byerly Aviation has a state of the art facility and staff that is second to none.

Our Dedicated Staff


Scott Welch

Scott Welch purchased Byerly Aviation in 2010 and has been returning it to the glory days ever since. With 35 years of aviation experience he has the skill to lead the extraordinary Byerly team into future success.

Bruce Byerly

Tim McKune
General Manager


Ryan Grenhoff
Director of Maintenance


Wayne Cargill
Avionics Manger

Brett Buchanan
Chief Pilot

Brett Buchanan, has worked for Byerly Aviation for over 12 years, for the last eight years being Chief Pilot.

Cameron Gleichman
Parts Manager / Website Tech

Mike Smith
GSE Manager

Mike is a lifetime mechanic with 26 years experience at Byerly Aviation. I started by handing my dad wrenches when I was 4 years old. I hold many mechanic certifications such as an ASA Master Truck technician, several industrial engine manufacturers certifications as well as fuel handling and fire safety certificates.

Chuck Atkins
Line Service Manager

Joe Rex
Customer Service Manager

Christine Hendrickson
Accounting Manager

A Message From Our CEO.

I was so impressed I bought the company.

Over the course of the last 10 or 15 years I had made several visits to the Peoria International Airport for business in the Greater Peoria Area. I was always impressed with the facility and personnel at Byerly Aviation. I never realized that beginning in 2010 I would be starting a new relationship with that company. A friend of mine contacted me in January and asked me if I could help him stabilize an aviation business that was in financial trouble as a result of the current financial climate. Originally hired on as a consultant to the creditors, I made several trips to Byerly Aviation during early 2010 being fully aware that the troubled economic environment of the time would forgive very little, especially further miscalculation. After all, the end of 2008 marked the beginning of the perfect storm for the aviation industry. Many corporations were downsizing or even eliminating the flight departments altogether for economic reasons or due to the negative public perception of corporate aircrafts as the icon of conspicuous consumption. The aircraft sales market conditions were challenging the basic precepts of how corporate aircraft were bought, sold and remarketed and many lenders have either pulled out of the aviation industry totally or significantly tightened their requirements for aircraft financing. It quickly became obvious to me that with its financial and operational conditions deteriorating rapidly, Byerly Aviation’s ability to stay afloat was in serious question.

Yet, every visit that I made to Peoria left me more confident that the company had the human capital necessary to emerge from the storm engulfing it and the aviation industry. As a 35 year veteran of the aviation industry, a 7000 hour pilot, and an A & P mechanic with inspection authorization I was able to recognize that virtually every employee of Byerly Aviation had front-line battle tested experience in the area of their expertise. My experience told me that combined with the right leader; the human resource pool at Byerly had the instincts necessary to survive in one of the world’s most competitive industries.

By the summer of 2010 I had completed my recommendation to the creditors and written a reorganizational plan for the company. Shortly after submitting my recommendations to the creditors it was suggested that since I had such a positive outlook of the future of Byerly Aviation, perhaps I should consider purchasing the company. In July of 2010, I agreed to the terms of the purchase of the company and in September the deal was closed with new refinancing on more favorable terms with considerable savings.

I am proud to be adding my skills to the experience of all the employees of Byerly Aviation. Whatever your needs are in general aviation, whether it be FBO line services, aircraft maintenance, aircraft charter, ground support equipment or aircraft sales I look forward to hearing from you or see you at Byerly Aviation. At Byerly, it is our experience that sets us apart from other FBO’s, and I would like to extend a personal invitation to each of you to call or stop by and experience our experience.

-Scott Welch
CEO, Byerly Aviation