Line Services

Line Services

When you are looking for nothing short of 5-Star line service support, look no further that with Byerly Aviation! Our NATA trained line service technicians stand by ready to assist you with all your aircraft needs. Whether you stop in for passenger drop-offs or remain with us for a while, you can rest easy knowing your passenger and aircraft will be handled in a professional, caring manner.

Our line service provides many services available to all aircraft stopping by, including:

  • 24/7/365 Operating Hours – Come in any time of the day for round-the-clock support.
  • Quick-turn Ready – With advanced notice, we can have a fuel truck and other services standing by upon your arrival, to minimize your on-ground time, for those desiring the quickest turn possible. Contact us at (309)697-6300 or via unicom on 122.95.
  • Competitive Fuel Prices – AvFuel and Colt contract fuel also available with no minimum purchase. Jet-A and 100LL Avgas Full-Service available. Prist additive is available if requested, and is auto-injected into the fuel.
  • Hangar Space – We have 2 large hangars for storing aircraft during your stay. Contact us today to book a spot in our hangars during your trip to the Peoria Area! We also have contract hangar space available, if you decide to make your aircraft’s new home at Byerly Aviation.
  • Ramp Tie-Downs – Every spot on the ramp has tie-down capabilities and we supply the straps to keep your aircraft safe and secure, right where you left it when you arrived.
  • GPU – With two portable units and 1 building hookup, you can remain powered up wherever you are located on our ramp!
  • Lav Service – Dump/Flush/Fill lavatory service available.
  • Potable Water  – Fresh potable water servicing available.
  • Aircraft Deicing – With Type I & IV deicers available, we can ensure your aircraft is ice/snow free for a safe departure in winter weather.
  • Freight Handling – Forklifts are available for freight handling.
  • Charter Handling – From sports teams, vacation retreats, and large business meetings, Byerly Aviation has the capability to provide ground handling to a wide range of aircraft types including the MD80, Boeing 737, and much more.
  • and more…


Chuck Atkins
Line Service Manager
Phone: (309) 697-6300

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This FBO was terrific.

They’re at a Class C airport but have that Class D/G feel (and I mean that in a good way!). They had the plane fueled promptly and directed us to the rental cars in the main terminal. Their amenities are solid and on par with a Signature-type FBO. Others have complained about a ramp fee but we did not have that trouble having topped off our tanks with fair-priced fuel. You can fill out an online slip on their website before flying in and make any requests there. It will save a little bit of time when you land.

Brendon Stoner May 27, 2015

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