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Our paint shop is standing by, ready to serve your paint needs. From touch-ups to full exterior repainting, our professional painters can offer great quote prices to keep your aircraft looking top-notch. Do you have multiple aircraft and wish they had the same paint design? Contact us today for a free aircraft repaint quote!

Tim McKune
General Manager
Phone: (309) 507-3680


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Awesome Work Byerly Aviation!

Let’s start off with everyone’s main concern… cost. After shopping around, and talking to a few shops, Byerly was within our budget. This was only the third paint job since out of the factory so I requested a few “over and above’s”. The pricing on the items were more than fair and reasonable. Was more that welcomed in the shop at any stage of the job. Even with the extra items, the job was completed a few days before the agreed upon delivery date.

Since I am not an aircraft painter, our in-house painter, inspected the job after the tape and paper came off. When he returned to the office, his first words were, Byerly should paint all our planes! They are not currently set up for our G-4 or P-3’s. However, the rest of our fleet will be going to Peoria. We are planning on taking our Twin Otter to Byerly in a few months!

Please feel free to contact me at the number below. Fantastic paint job on our Twin Commander 695A 96089.

Mike Merek
Equipment Specialist
NOAA Aircraft Operation Center
MacDill AFB, Florida

Mike Merek NOAA Aircraft Operation Center MacDill AFB, Florida June 26, 2015

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