Car Transportation Services

Rental Car Customers

The following rental car companies are available at General Wayne A. Downing International Airport. You may call them directly for reservation booking or call our friendly staff to assist in booking your vehicle today!

If you have a “Preferred Customer” number you wish to use, please have that number ready if choosing to book through Byerly Aviation. If you plan to book a rental car through the rental company directly, they will only deliver the vehicle to Byerly IF they are advised you are arriving at the Byerly terminal.

Taxi Cab Customers

Yellow Checker Cab in available to prove cab transportation around the Peoria Area. Average time for a cab to arrive once ordered is typically 10-15 minutes, however Yellow Checker tries to keep one cab in the area for faster pickup. If you need a cab ordered, you may call them directly or have a Byerly Aviation representative order one upon arrival.

Limousine Customers

There are 3 services available for limousine transportation from Byerly Aviation. We recommend our customers to book 24 hours prior to arrival to verify availability. Limo sizes available vary depending on your needs. You may book directly through the company or ask a Byerly Aviation representative to assist you with your booking needs.

Need help booking a reservation?
Phone: (309) 697-6300